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Farm holidays

Our offers for you

Farm holidays at the Preindlerhof are truly extraordinary. And not just for kids – you’ll see! The close relationship to the farm animals and our family, the fresh air here in Gsiesertal – all this contributes to your relaxation. Our offers also ensure that there is still something left over in your holiday budget!


Twins for the win

Year-round offer
Valid for stays of 3 days or more

Two girls, two boys, or one of each – twins bring double the joy for parents, but they also cost twice as much. Luckily not here! We know exactly what it means to have twins, which is why we have decided to halve the price for you: for the first twin, you pay the usual rate, and for the second, you don’t have to pay a thing. Our twins are looking forward to meeting yours!

This offer can be combined with other offers.