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  • Alm im Gsiesertal mit Blick auf die Dolomiten

Explore Gsiesertal & the Dolomites

A journey of discovery in South Tyrol

There are certain places in this world that you simply have to see in person. Photos don’t do them justice. Some of these natural beauties are very close to our holiday apartments. For us, Lake Braies and the Three Peaks are among these places. It’s time to set off on a journey of discovery and make some memories along the way!

Mountain huts galore!

  • Versell Alm Tura Hütte Gsiesertal
    Tolder Hütte
  • Versell Alm Randl Hütte Gsiesertal
    Hinterschuher Alm
  • Karbach Schäfer Alm Gsiesertal
    Schäfer Alm
  • Pidig Messner Hütte Gsiesertal
    Messner Hütte
  • Pidig Kradorfer Hütte Gsiesertal
    Kradorfer Alm
  • Oberbergalm
  • Aschtalm Gsiesertal Winter
    Ascht Alm
  • Stumpfalm Gsiesertal Winter
  • Kaser Alm Gsiesertal
    Kaser Alm
  • Hofer Hütte Gsiesertal
  • Uwaldalm Gsiesertal Winter
    Uwald Alm

Gsiesertal is the valley of mountain huts, and each possesses a unique charm. Immerse yourself in the Alpine ambience and let yourself be spoilt with culinary delights in one of the 11 Alpine huts that are open in summer and winter. You can reach these mountain huts on foot while hiking or snowshoeing or by mountain bike. In winter, you can also bring along a toboggan to ride back to the valley in a flash. Wahoo!

Lake Braies

Pragser Wildsee Dolomiten

entfernung  Distance: 23.3 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 26 minutes

Almost everyone has seen a picture of what is considered by many to be the most beautiful lake in the Alps. It is emerald green, lies at about 1,500m, and is world-famous, thanks to the Italian TV series Un passo dal cielo (just one step from heaven), among others. Admiring it in person is a thousand times better, you’ll see!


Plätzwiese Dolomiten

entfernung  Distance: 28 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 37 minutes

This high plateau in the Braies Dolomites is breathtakingly beautiful and offers you a stunning view of the Hohe Gaisl, the Three Peaks, the Tofana, and the Monte Cristallo. Plätzwiese is also part of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park and the perfect starting point for many hikes in the Dolomites.

Three Peaks

Die 3 Zinnen Dolomiten UNESCO Welterbe

entfernung  Distance: 48 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 60 minutes

If you’re here in Gsiesertal, you can’t miss the opportunity to admire the landmark of the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site: the Three Peaks. They are located in the Sexten Dolomites and leave their visitors speechless. ‘Wow!’ is often the first word uttered at the sight of these peaks. So, set out and climb them – or look at them from below. No matter what, it will be impressive.

Lake Antholz

Antholzer See Rundgang

entfernung  Distance: 36 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 36 minutes

You can walk around it, you can listen to the legend of how the lake came to be – or you can simply look at the deep blue water and let your mind wander freely. Lake Antholz in the Rieserferner-Ahrn Nature Park is nestled in a mountain landscape that will leave you in awe. It’s that magnificent.

Lake Toblach

Toblacher See Dolomiten

entfernung  Distance: 25 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 26 minutes

Fancy another lake? Then head to Lake Toblach! It is a clear mountain lake through which the Rienz River flows and is located in the Höhlensteintal valley at 1,260m above sea level. For the number lovers among you: The circumference is 4.5km, the maximum depth a mere 3.5m.

Messner Mountain Museums

  • Messner Mountain Museum Corones
  • Messner Mountain Museum Ripa

entfernung  Distance: 28 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 29 minutes

The famous South Tyrolean mountaineer Reinhold Messner has created a total of six museums spread throughout the province dedicated to the theme of mountains. The MMM Ripa in Bruneck and the MMM Corones on the summit of the Kronplatz are closest to you during your stay with us. Immerse yourself in the world of extreme mountaineering!

Biathlon World Cup in Antholz

Biathlon-Weltcup in Antholz

entfernung  Distance: 34 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 34 minutes

A highlight for all cross-country skiing enthusiasts is the World Cup in the nearby Antholzertal valley. Biathlon races have been held here for over 30 years. Antholz is one of the most traditional venues in the biathlon world – and a must if you are on holiday with us during this period!

Gsiesertal Lauf cross-country race

Gsiesertal-Lauf Start Rennen

entfernung  Distance: 1 km
fahrdauer  Travel time: 2 minutes

Do you love cross-country skiing and want to compete with other cross-country skiers during your winter holiday in Gsiesertal? Then why not take part in the biggest cross-country race in South Tyrol this year and sign up for the Gsiesertal Lauf? It’s held every year on the third weekend in February.

Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.
(Dr Seuss)